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Integrate Your NYC Trip With These Classroom Resources

Integrating a class trip to New York with your curriculum boosts buy-in from both your school board and the community at large.

Jumpstreet develops exclusive programming and resources to support you with this effort, and many of our destinations' top activities pitch in with amazing and FREE lesson plans, classroom projects and educational resources too.

Instead of spending all your time researching them, we've done the leg work for you and collected them all below :)


New York is renowned for both creating and curating some of the world's finest art. From MET-inspired lesson plans to in-depth graffiti guides, these resources will bring NYC to your classroom.

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Wicked is one of the most celebrated Broadway plays in history, yet these classroom resources will foster an even greater appreciation for it, including one we cooked up ourselves.

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The Big Apple is synonymous with not only beautiful and ambitious architecture but also a high cost of living. What went into the planning of these structure? How does one survive in NYC on a dime?

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The American Museum of Natural History has a wealth of classroom resources that you and your students will love. We also partnered with some teachers to build some ready-made lesson plans.

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We've spun three decades of student travel smarts into a series of guides including packing, phone usage, budgeting and more. Oh and we researched the best NYC food too. Essential.

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